Keeping it Clean

To clean and maintain natural stone is literally as easy as pie.

It has been our experience that the less you do to the stone, the happier it is. You do not need to apply waxes, polishes or (in most cases, even) sealer. All it would take to keep your stone sparkling clean are a couple microfiber towels and a cleaner that will leave no build-up.

Unfortunately most “stone safe” cleaners available at retail outlets contain waxes or oils and leave a nasty build-up with prolonged use. This manifests itself on your countertops in a gummy, streaky, discoloured appearance that is just miserable to feel and look at. The biggest culprits are Carnuba Wax, Corn Oil, and Coconut Oil.

The good news is that this layer of gunk is just sitting on top of your stone and a good cleaning with a suitable product will remove all the nastiness.

If your counter tops are hard to clean and streaky and you are unsure if this is indeed your problem, do a simple test: Scrape a sharp, single edge razor blade across your granite (Do it carefully and in a shaving motion. Do NOT try this with marble, limestone or soapstone, though!) You will most likely scrape up some residue that had been gathering in the surface of your stone! Once this residue has been removed, your tops will be as good as new!

At Mid-Island Granite we stock and supply a superb range of stone cleaners designed to be environmentally friendly, stone safe and very effective. These cleaners are guaranteed not to leave a residue and will make your stone tops (and other surfaces) sparkle.

We have products safe for daily cleaning, cleaners deigned for deep cleaning and soap scum removal and poultice kits for removing deep set stains.

For more information and prices, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

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