Planning Your Granite

Sinks, Ranges and Backsplashes

There are many different kinds of sinks – undermounts, apron-fronts, drop-ins and vessel sinks.

We have worked with a large selection of different ranges and cooktops during our installs.

Bump-outs allow for larger than average ranges and cooktops to be elegantly incorporated into the cabinet lay-out.

Backsplashes are an integral part of every stone countertop.

Aside from mere good looks, they are an easy to clean feature that keeps water and other splatter off your walls. Backsplashes do not have to be boring – they offer the opportunity for some funky design and can really let your personality shine through in your kitchen or bath.


Our basic edge is the eased edge – a square, flat, polished edge with a slight round on the top and bottom.

We offer a range of upgraded edges to add a subtle (or not so subtle!) twist to your new counter tops.

Mosaics and Medallions

At Mid-Island Granite we also offer design and fabrication of custom medallions and mosaics.

In addition to a range of stock patterns, they could design and make custom pieces. The medallions may be as intricate or simple as you like them, and materials will be picked to complement what you have in your home already.

Pricing is competitive and the quality is superior to anything store-bought.

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